Pakistan Phone Numbers App – Very Important & Informative, onlineustaad Tutorial, Computer Ustaad

Pakistan Phone Numbers App – Very Important & Informative

In the recent past it was very common to find a big fat telephone directory in many homes which contained all the listed telephone numbers that were present. It was a very handy tool in many homes and could be used to find any sort of number.  However with its huge size, the telephone directory lost its appeal and a convenient alternative was not present in today’s mobile world.

Pakistan Phone Numbers App

This need has now been addressed by the Pakistan Phone Numbers App which is a very effective and easy to use tool for finding thousands of important numbers which are required in the daily lives of people. The application has been developed by Business Teria Communication. It runs on Android 2.3 and above and is gaining popularity among the local population.


The Pakistan Phone Numbers App is clear and easy to use. The numbers are divided according to several categories. These categories include hospitals, restaurants, embassies, educational institutions, banks and police stations. The app contains thousands of such numbers and offers the option to search for contact information based on keywords and according to the city required.

The contact information is regularly updated to add more numbers and if the information is outdated or wrong, it can be reported and the developers will correct it. The Pakistan Phone Numbers App is a very convenient and informative application and is a must have for all Pakistani Smartphone users.


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