New JavaScript & jQuery Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi. I earlier published a basic course of JavaScript in Urdu and that includes only the basic concepts

Complete C++ Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi
In This Tutorial you can Free Learn Complete JavaScript and JQuery. on this this tutorial You Learn JavaScript and JQuery Basic and Advance Level and also i tell what is JavaScript and JQuery and what different of JavaScript and JQuery, so just read below article and also watch complete Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi.

Complete C++ Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi
JavaScript and JQuery:
Have you ever walked down a hallway in the dark and found yourself lost? JavaScript and JQuery create the same sense of loss and confusion. When discussing JavaScript and JQuery people will say the funniest things about the two, one quote I heard a long time ago on the subject:
 JavaScript I hate, what we should do is get rid of it. But JQuery I love!
What is so funny about the above statement is without JavaScript there would be no JQuery. All good tools have a foundation and without a doubt JavaScript has created a lot of modern day tools that assist in building features into our website and online application experience. Why the confusion around this subject of JavaScript?, that is what is being discussed in this article.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a computer language that is used inside your web browser. It is dominantly used for interface interactions (meaning the flashy moving parts inside your  website). If you have every seen a slide show on the internet like the image below it is more likely to be JavaScript Scripting that will be doing the hard work behind the scenes. But JavaScript can do much more if you have a Gmail account with Google the email client uses JavaScript to create the features and functionality creating a rich user experience. Being a very powerful computer language it has the advantage of being easy to learn so a new developer can pick it up in a very short amount of time. It was created to be very readable and flexible, Wikipedia have a great description of JavaScript. In the past, JavaScript had issues with each web browser having its own way of implementing it, this created bugs and developers would spend more time fixing the bugs. This made it hard to work with. Today that is not so much of an issue as all the major web browsers conform to a standard meaning that these bugs are not great issues anymore

What is JQuery?

Before JQuery, developers would create their own small frameworks (group of code) this would allow all the developers to work around all the bugs and give them more time to work on features, so the JavaScript frameworks were born. Then came the collaboration stage, groups of developers instead of writing their own code would give it away for free and creating JavaScript code sets that everyone could use. That is what JQuery is, a library of JavaScript code. The best way to explain JQuery and its mission is well stated on the front page of the JQuery website which says:
JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

JavaScript vs JQuery:

Which is the best JavaScript or JQuery is a contentious discussion,  really the answer is neither is best. They both have their roles I have worked on online applications where JQuery was not the right tool and what the application needed was straight JavaScript development. But for most websites JQuery is all that is needed. What a web developer needs to do is make an informed decision on what tools are best for their client.  Someone first coming into web development does need some exposure to both technologies just using JQuery all the time does not teach the nuances of JavaScript and how it affects the DOM. Using JavaScript all the time slows projects down and because the JQuery framework has ironed most of the issues that JavaScript will have between each web browser it makes the deployment safe as it is sure to work across all platforms.

Below is Complete Playlist of JavaScript and JQuery Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi, you can just Play one Video and after finishing the video the another one will  automatically play. You can use Next & previous option as well. You can also download this playlist to your computer and then watch over there. I am working so hard to sort all courses in easy ways and present them here for you.

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