I tell You How To Unblock Yourself From Someone's Whatsapp Account When Someone Blocked You, But Now You Can Unblock Yourself And See His/ Her Profile Picture, Last Seen, Status And Able To Send Message OR Chat With Who Blocked You. Onlineustaad.com

How To Unblock Yourself From Someone's Whatsapp Account

Are you blocked by someone on WhatsApp? I know this sounds irritating to ask if you are blocked by someone. But don’t worry Tahir Khan is always there to help you, almost everyone who use WhatsApp regularly may get blocked by someone due to some personal reasons or without no reason. If you are one of them who got blocked by your crush or any other friend, then no need worry anymore. Because now you can unblock yourself without knowing the person who have blocked you. The following trick will guide you to how to get unblocked on WhatsApp.

How To Unblock Yourself From Someone's Whatsapp Account

Follow These Below Steps -

  • Open WhatsApp on your device
  • Go to settings
  • Hit on the Account Tab
  • Now Enter your Phone number and Click on delete my account
  • Now open App manager in phone setting
  • Locate Whats App and uninstall the same
  • Once the app is completely uninstalled from your device , restart your device/phone
  • Now open Play Store and install whats app again
  • Once fresh installation is completed open the app.
  • Now enter the data required like mobile no ( your phone number ) , OTP etc to start the app .
  • Its done , now you can start texting the user who blocked you in his/her account as you have been unblocked from his/her Whats App account

Hope you’ve unblocked yourself and easily able to text them. But deleting your WhatsApp account will have lead you to forcefully leave all the groups in which you were a member so ask them to add you again. And an important note is that if you’ve the latest version of WhatsApp this work around is not for them. This will only work on the older version.

How to Unblock Yourself from Someone's Whatsapp Account in Urdu/Hindi


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